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About FOMA Woodworking

Friends of Matt Alexander Woodworking is a custom design and woodworking enterprise located on Commerce Drive in Pawleys Island. From its modern shop facilities, FOMA Fine Woodworking has gained a wonderful reputation for both commercial and residential projects.

Our History

As indicated in our photographs, our experience ranges from significant commercial operations to individual custom pieces of furniture. Regardless of the scope of the particular project, the unmistakable attention to detail is a hallmark of all of our undertakings. As important as detailed execution of woodworking projects is, the design capabilities of FOMA Fine Woodworking’s afford clients novel and unique solutions to potentially complex situations.

From advice on specific material selections to unique space utilization ideas, our portfolio will intrigue and inspire creative solutions. Please contact FOMA Fine Woodworking for design consultation and/or price quotations.

Commercial Examples


Cherry Wine Bar and Cabinets for Nick’s at 61st, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Thirty-two feet of paneled hardwood bar and wine cabinets for 600 bottled wine collection.


Hardwood Bar and Back Bar for Stars Restaurant, Ocean Isle, North Carolina. Cherry bar and fluted column back bar with custom cabinetry.


How To Maintain Your Work Piece

Many of the readers asked me this question; what should they do to prolong the life of their work piece. First of all you should use the best raw materials in the making of your project and if you are already over with that part then below are a few tips that you can use to maintain your work piece. I hope you find this article helpful.

First you need to understand that it’s the finishing on the furniture that affects the appearance and not the wood that’s why the little task that you will perform for maintaining your furniture will be regarding to the finish used on your furniture. Excess dampness, heat and dryness damage the finishing. Furniture that is kept under the sunlight often looses the shine of it s finishing and turns dull after a few months.

In such a condition, I would recommend you to polish your furniture after every few months. Make sure that you don’t apply excess of finishing on your furniture as it will ruin the appearance.

Apart form finishing, you can also apply oils that are specifically made for enhancing the appearances of hand made furniture or you can even use paints.

Polishing the furniture is not enough; you need to keep it clean as well. Cleaning the furniture with a lightly damp cloth is very helpful in maintaining its appearance but make sure that you use damp cloth only on finishing that is water resistant and always keep your furniture away from water as it can rot your work piece really badly.

If you have a vacuum then use it for removing dust from the deep parts of your furniture and if you don’t then simply use a thin brush so that you can easily reach and remove dust from small areas.

If you have painted furniture then it is better to clean it with a damp cloth and then dry it with a soft cloth. Painted furniture requires regular maintenance other wise, the paint gets peeled off from the furniture.

Everything You need To Know About Carpet Tape

In the world of woodworking, sticking and joining are tasks that are performed often and that’s why they are a vital part of the whole process. I cannot imagine myself completing a project without using glue or tape.

There are verities of glue that you can use for your projects but when it comes to tapes, I prefer to use a carpet tape. A carpet tape is a tape that sticks on both sides.

This tape is very handy and comes in three forms: Cloth, Fiberglass and Plastic. Woodworkers usually use a cloth carpet tape as it strongly holds different parts during assembly and is very easy to use.

If the surface of your work piece is smooth (sanded), you can use a plastic carpet tape instead of the cloth one. The plastic carpet tape is very strong but if the surface of your work piece is rough (unsanded) then it is better to use a cloth carpet tape, It also ease ups the task of repositioning the work piece.

If you are looking for a carpet tape with extremely strong bond then I would recommend you to use ‘ Turner’s Tape’, this tape is a cloth tape but a lot stronger than the other ones.

Turner’s tape is so strong that while removing it, you will find wood fiber coming out with it. So be clear about your needs before using turner’s tape.

While working on outdoor furniture, you can use fiberglass tape as it resist’s moisture and mildew very nicely.

This tape forms a very strong bond due to which it has a tendency tear out wood fibers.

While using a carpet tape, you must be clear about the amount of tape you will need as using too much tape will not allow you to break the bond without leaving any damage while insufficient tape will not form a strong temporary bond.

As per the rule, I use a 3″ strip of carpet tape every 6″ to 8″while working with a large template.  I run strips around the perimeter and also make an X in the center. I apply this tape only on a clean and dry surface.

After applying the tape, I softly pat the taped area with a hammer, to make sure that it forms a strong bond.

If you are unable to break the bond, I would recommend you to use this small tip rather than force fully pulling the pieces apart as it can permanently damage your work piece.

So what you need to do is, pour a little lacquer thinner down the joint. The solvent dissolves the adhesive and the pieces will come apart easily. I hope this little tip helps you. Happy woodworking.

How to Install a Carpet Tape

Power Tools : The Gateway to Modern Woodworking.

Technology has increased human work speed as well as accuracy. In almost every field innovative ideas and ways are being introduced and the same happened in the art of Woodworking. Power tools are among the big changes that have taken place.

These tools are unbelievably fast and are the masters of their task but like normal tools, which can be used by anybody, they need specific skills and knowledge for complete utilization.


The power tools can also be a bane if used by amateur workers. The sharp blades and high speed can together be very destructive if not operated in the right way.

There is a wide range of power tools available to the buyer, some are very mechanic and some are semi. The features provided by them directly affect their price too. So to say it in simple words you can find a 100$ machine and even a 2000$ one too.

If you are new to these tools you can join a school, nowadays-big companies organize exhibitions and free trials for local woodworkers. These machines come with a manual in which proper directions are given from how to use to when not-to. These manuals are so good that even a wood worker with minimum skills can learn to operate these power tools easily.

Below is a list of some very common power tools, which are used by almost all woodworkers. While, it’s not a necessity and thus isn’t mentioned here, I’d recommend you to get a good wood planer if you can afford one.

Power dill

Even if you are not a woodworker this Power Drill should be in your kit. This drill is very handy and can even be used by household members.

The drill is available in both cordless and corded model. They are available in huge range with specific features like hammer drill, 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch, straight drill, keyed or keyless chuck.

Table Saw


These very common to be found in a woodworking shop as they are the most important part of woodworking. If you are a beginner then you must take all the time in learning the features and power different table saws hold.

The tool is going to be the head of all your tools, that’s why it is important for you to choose the best table saw.


Wood Router

Router holds the second position just after your table saw. It comes usually in two models stationary and plunge. For beginners I would recommend stationary as it can be used for many projects. You can read wood router reviews here.

If you are planning to buy a router, make sure that it is at least 2 HP and has a speed variation feature. Read more about routers and choose wisely from the wide range available.

There are many other tools that are a must for your workshop but we have stated only a few here.

Keep reading our blog for more skillful feeds. Hope you have a great day. I would love to hear your views about this post and the previous ones.